I’m not sure what the social etiquette is however search.twitter.com is such a ridiculously useful tool.

You can search for “moving to Melbourne” and find everyone who is moving to Melbourne. Great marketing tool for a removalist business don’t you think?

If you are working with teen depression why not search for “I am depressed” and set the location to “near:Melbourne” and you will find people who are depressed at that moment.

Facebook also allows you to search friends and EVERYONE’s posts real time.

This is awesome!


2 thoughts on “search.twitter.com what are you selling?

  1. Nice post. If you don’t know him already – you MUST also check out Garyvaynerchuk.com and subscribe to his podcasts on itunes. That guy kicks ass! He built his family business from $2m – $60m is 7 years using search.twitter and google blogsearch.


    1. ABsolutely. He’s fantastic. What an inspiration. I listened to his recently on Twit. Do you watch or listen to This Week in Google – it’s a gold mine of inside information on Google, the cloud and technology. All the best Jeremy.


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