Are you in a trend or a fad business?

It is important to know whether you are in a trend or a fad. Is Facebook a trend or a fad? The difference is that a trend is measurable, whereas a fad is not. But you say you’re not a technology business, you are a coffee shop.

Analysts have asserted that each day, humanity is generating 15 petabytes of new data-the equivalent of 120 times the content of the US Library of Congress. This is the fourth driver of global change, in the area of data, information and knowledge. The challenge is to make our workforces relevant to this shifting knowledge environment. That implies new levels of learning for younger workers and lifelong learning for those of us already working. (Erik Peterson). What technology trends and product trends will come from that?

Here’s a trend: Organic, Fair Trade Coffee. Or is it a fad?

There are usually 3 trends behind a trend or a fad.

  • Demand trend: Environmentally friendly products
  • Technology trend: New models for paying coffee farmers
  • Product trend:
  • Fair Trade Coffee

    When Fair Trade coffee dies (I mean McDonalds is using it!) the demand for
    environmentally friendly consumer products will be alive and well.

    Make sure you know the demand trend your business is in or capitalising on.

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