Marketing Strategy for new business – the e-myth


You’re a new business. You’re passionate. You’re ready to take a risk. Can I suggest you read eMyth by Michael Gerber? It is a book about the Entrepreneurial Myth or “e-myth”. The basic context of the book is that any business start-er is:

  • Entreprenuer – i.e. Risk Taker
  • Manager – i.e. the person who counts the money
  • Technician – i.e. The person who has the skills to do it
  • An example of this would be the cable guy who decides to start his own installation business: The entrepreneur in him decides to take the risk, sell the house, and buy the tools (he used to use his bosses tools). The Manager is often neglected: he doesn’t know that he is required by state law to be registered or pay tax! This usually gets people in to trouble. Technician – well that’s what he does best.

    The message I gained from e-myth:Don’t think because you’re a good technician that you’ll be good at business

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