– Google Buzz. Google turns twitter. Google goes live?

Google’s greatest strength isn’t live. I mean you can go to and find out exactly what’s happening that second. Go to or or gmail or earth and the website probably was indexed a day ago or the picture taken a month ago. Facebook and Twitter have created platform (See my post) that is perfect for real-time news like updates.

I am sure Google Buzz is a silent tipping of the hat-like tribute to Jeff Jarvis although we know Google doesn’t make these sorts of decisions based on anything other than data. We’ll never know.

Google Buzz looks good. I am more interested in this than Wave. Wave I haven’t gotten into yet. Where as buzz is already at the top integrated into my gmail, maps and iphone. I can easily click and “buzz” anything I’m doing on the web with anything else I’m doing in the google-dom.

What I did with Buzz in the first 5 miniutes:

  • I posted a status to my google profile that linked with my location
  • That’s 4/5 stars

  • I found other non-friends who were close to me based on my location
  • That’s 5/5 stars because I can’t do that with Twitter or Facebook

  • I searched for local, wrote a review and that linked to my buzz & google profile
  • That’s 3/5 stars. Pretty useful.

  • I become friends with a gmail contact on Bozz
  • That’s 4/5 stars

  • I used Google a lot more than I would have previously
  • That’s 6/5 stars for google adword revenue!

    Google Buzz is the first attempt I’ve seen at google really trying to change our lives. This is really interesting.

    Prediction: Mobile will take over web revenue in the next 5 years.

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