10 Business Proverbs by Jonathon Sciola

1. Offer good customer service.

Treat your customer as you would like to be treated.

2. Always deliver on time.

This applies to products, services and apologies!

3. Continue to study.

You must always be learning, studying, researching the competition

4. Have a mentor.

If you dont have someone to submit ideas to you will die

5. Practice.

You hear a lot about risk taking. It’s true. Just do it or you wont have a business

6. Tithe.

Give at least 10 percent of your profit, time, resources away. It will bless you.

7. Do the unexpected.

Give something away. Be a purple cow. Ring your customers just to say Hi

8. Pay your taxes.

It’s true – do the right thing. I remember taking back a late video and paid the fine early. They cancelled the fine. It pays to be righteous.

9. Prudence.

Keep good records. Never throw away receipts. Buy MYOB. See your accountant. Save 30% for tax.

10. Enjoy it.

If you dont love your job (that doesn’t mean every single day). Then you probably should quit.

11. (Bonus proverb! See #7)) Do Google Adwords

If you’re not doing adwords then you are probably wasting money on other forms of advertising.

12. Quality

Even if you’re Mercedes is $1 no body with buy it without wheels. Offer quality. Be better than the rest

I hope you enjoyed those.


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