eNewsletter power – it’s really powerful!


Remember when the web wasn’t trusted – people said, “If you dont have a website you’re business will die” and people didn’t believe it? No one would buy anything online? Ha! Now it’s all online, and it’s moving to be all mobile! (That article will help you understand the mobile trend). Anyway, for the time being you need a newsletter…

You’re newsletter is powerful because it’s your network. What’s that?

You’re a milkbar or a church or a massure or a cafe – well you havecustomers, right? They already come to your shop or know you, right? Well they are a network. They know eachother. They talk to people who are LIKE your customers; your target market, right?

You need to connect them. The BOOK “Purple Cow” and “Tribes” each by Seth Godin are MUST READS for all marketers, business people or anyone wanting to have a relationship in the future.


1. Go to constantcontact.com and sign up.
2. Start to build your database

  • Ask customers to sign up
  • Place a sign up box on your website (see www.northernconnections.org.auu for example)
  • Offer something for free to get their details
  • 3. Then you build trust – that’s the name of the game.

  • Be honest
  • Include secret recipies or stories or something your market are interested in
  • Offer incentives to go further: attend a lunch, register for a conference, buy something
  • Reward them

    4. You will find that people respond more to a newsletter than your website. That’s the secret.

    That’s the trend.

    Examples: www.all4him.org http://www.northernconnections.org.au www.c3brighton.org.au

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