So you’ve got an adwords campaign – is it working?

For those who have an Adwords campaign you have chosen a cheap, reliable – and best of all – measurable way to promote your site.

Basics for Google Adwords
1. more people visiting your site the better
2. more clicks on a Google Ad the more people visit your si
3. more people visit your site the more chance of a sale/member/conversion

Why adwords and not some other traditional means of promotion?

1. AdWords are cheap – you decide what you pay!
2. Adwords are measurable – you know exactly who clicked, when, where they came from, how long they spent on which page and if you’re lucky what cereal they ate for breakfast.
3. You don’t waste money on old dieing forms of advertising such as yellow pages, or leader community newspapers.
For example! Waste of money! Most of the time!
4. Yellow pages (or print advertising) you pay for the privilege of being on their beautiful, pretty and mostly useless book! There is no guarantee that anyone, ever will call you or even open the book!
5. AdWords you know they are looking for you, have already visited your site (because you only pay when they click YOU) and so you are better off
6. You can stop it at any time
7. You can make money if you allow others to advertise on your site.
Obviously an organic search ranking is better (usually because they seem to be more genuine) however less and less so. (Organic search results are those that are generated without paying ie without the “sponsored link” list item)

You are better off 95% of the time with a Google Adwords campaign than a traditional print (stagnant) media form of advertising if it is part of an overall communication strategy not just some impulsive “I need to spend money somewhere” campaign.

Contact Jonathon if you want strategy on what campaigns work best for your required solution.

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