4 basic ways to improve your keywords marketing campaign

Some people set-up an adwords campaign and realise they are getting lots of clicks and no conversions or few.

Here is the main problem:
1. Your site sucks. You need help with a website. If 200 people are visiting your website and you have no sales then you probably have a bad site. Talk to me or employ someone to create a great site. (unfortunately you will not create a great site if you pay a web designer unless they have spoken to me an you have created a solution to your marketing problem).

2. The other problem may be too “lose” keywords.
Keywords need to be targeted. If you are selling “snow boards” then having “snow” as a keyword may give you 10,000 clicks however only 10 of them may be looking to actually buy a snowboard! So “buy snowboard” and “snow shop” may be better words.

Here are 5 tips for creating more targeted keywords:

1. Use “Talking Marks for all your keywords in your campaign
example, use “ski shop” rather than ski shop
this will result it less wasted clicks generated by searching for hot ski chick
2. Use negative keywords when needed
when you use negative keywords you can limit unprofitable searches
example, “-babe” or “-chick”
3. Get rid of generic words like, “snow” and “snow board” and only use specifically targeted keywords such as “buy snowboard” and not “snow”
4. Add more location specific keywords such as “snow shop melbourne” and “buy ski equipment in melbourne”
5. Ask me or someone else who knows what they’re doing or visit sites like www.seochat.com and learn.

Hope that helps.

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