Tribes, communities, new communities

You need to realise that you are a member of many tribes. A tribe is like a group and seth godin has mentioned how tribes work. You need to read his book on Tribes called Tribes.

People operate in tribes. Tribes are exslusive. The very fabric that holds Karate students together is the fact they dont do Judo! . “It’s the ones John West rejects that makes john west the best”. If you want build a tribe then you need to know who you are leading and where you are going. The fact is, your tribe is already out there. They are already connected. Building a tribe is about leading those who are already following by following them to where they are going. To make it simpler, if you want to build a tribe you just need to start helping people go where they are wanting to go. It’s like Jesus. Give to receive. Serve to become great. Google is doing a pretty good job of that at the moment. Facebook is doing okay. Hotmail totally destroyed their tribe. Some cafes are natural at it. Others aren’t. If you want to build a tribe just do this: start to connect people who are already connected. You do this by providing the channels or links for communication. Leadership has changed. Be tribal.

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