Starting a blog, newsletter? Here’s a letter I sent to a church pastor who wants to help parents raise their kids better

Dear Pastor,

I am excited that you want to provide parenting courses and you are interested in an online solution.

I am a marketer. I connect people with people, products and services. I am not a business consultant however I can add strategic, visionary advice to sell to customers.

God is into parenting courses. We often forget the mandate to “teach others to obey” what Jesus commanded us. I believe God is for these courses.

Firstly you need to be very clear and honest about your goals. You need to tell me who you are wanting to “sell to”.
• Are they parents who attend your church
• Are they parents who attend other churches
• Are they non-Christians for example

You also need to be honest about your motives:
• Are you wanting to make a profit?
• Are you wanting to build a tribe?
• Are you wanting to sell products or just build a community?
• Are you wanting to provide online training or just boost registrations for your meetings?

Once you have decided on those things, perhaps, I can come and chat with you in person and come up with a tailored marketing solution for you.

Here is some food for thought until I find out more:

  • Marketing Strategy:
  • 1. Compile a list of contact details of who you already know you want to connect with
    • These may be parents who are in the church
    • They may be friends or pastors on Facebook
    • They may be leaders in your church
    • Get their email addresses. Put them in a database or spreasdsheet
    2. Decide what kind of tribe you are building
    • Is it a city-changing exploding with growth tribe
    • Is it a limited, small group of people you know
    • Is it unknown?
    3. Ask permission (face to face or email or facebook) to send them a regular email newsletter
    • Start to create a free, regular (weekly to quarterly) newsletter
    • Try
    • Write content tailored specifically to your tribe or target market
    • Send it absolutely regularly no matter what
    4. Strategies connected to newsletter
    • Talk to me about what other media to include when and why
    • Always talk about key benefits of the program/products you are selling
    • Always link them to something such as website or videos
    • Offer free things
    5. Use newsletter to launch all registrations, conferences, courses, link to sites etc

    6. Consider starting a blog

    7. Talk to Jon about how to capture content and how you wont get busier doing all of the above!

    Hope this helps.

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