Freedom for you if you want to enter the digital world and actually lead

You are a leader. You already have a tribe. You are a pastor a parent a leader. You want to help them get where they are going. You want their dreams to be fulfilled. You realise that their success is your success that you are here to help them become all that they can be. Great!

So you are stressed because you know that there is a digital world out there and you need to comply. You need to get Facebook-ed. You need to become a Twit on Twitter. You need to start sms-ing, texting and messaging and you’re a little concerned because you are time poor and busy. You’re a leader for goodness sakes! Well here is good news.

You already have all the content you will ever need to be fully online

The fact is you already lead meetings. You already preach and make great sermon notes. You already write amazing letters. You may have even written a book. Well the simple point of this post is you already have all the information, video, podcast, etc content around you you just need to capture it.

10 ways to capture content so you never need to blog (you just paste it!)

  • Bring a dictaphone to open meetings and podcast them
  • Post emails as blog posts
  • Video the next person you help and youtube it
  • Scan your prayer journal and Tweet the picture
  • Ask your PA to retain information for you that is useful to others
  • Go through old email and re-publish useful ones
  • Turn old newsletters into blog posts
  • Link your Facebook to your Twitter account
  • Record your next staff meeting
  • Write your next book online, chapter by chapter posting them to your blog
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