I am a connector

I am a connector. I received a word from God (he does that a lot actually) that I have been given the “ministry of reconciliation” (and so have all Christians) however I think mine is an extension of my personality. I connect people to God, people to people, products to services, products to people, people to ideas. I think connecting people to ideas is the most powerful one. I was at the M.C.G. today for the 1st day of a 5 day Cricket Test on Boxing Day (see date of post) and the punters (audience) were so bored that people gathered all the beer containers they could find and stacked them together into large towers 20 feet and longer until the Police stopped them. The fascinating thing was that people give to vision. People follow leaders and leaders have ideas. Someone had the vision or “idea” to make a huge pillar of beer tubs and everyone made huge effort to help that person or people achieve their dream. I know you have a dream within you and my hope for this blog (and I have faith this will occur) is that somewhere weaved between these musings you will find and achieve your dream. Because I am here to connect you with Your Idea.

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